Oldforest® Vizex™ Capsules For Stamina & Vigor Power (60 Caps)


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When the perennial joy eludes due to the incompetency and inadequacy of either of the partners, there is a unique preparation derived from ancient Ayurveda, rediscovered through extensive research by Old Forest for its restoration, which known as Vizex. Vizex capsule is a solution to the married life problems people face such as less stamina , less vigor power and sperm count , and low daily energy .

Oldforest as known for connecting people with herbs , fulfilling its aim. oldforest has came up with vizex capsules and oil which consist of all ayurvedic components ,creating connection between people and herbs . Vizex is a GMP, ISO and AYUSH certified product as being 100% ayurvedic .

Vizex is a completely natural and safe product with no harmful substances involved in it which results in effective results .
Vizex consist of 16 ayurvedic components which includes :-
Ashwagandha ,Kauch beej ,Gokhru , Shatavari , Shilajit shuddha , Akarkara  , Salam punja , Safed mushli , Talam khana , Kuchla shuddha , Vanslochan , Kesar , Makardhawaj , Vang Bhasma , Moti pishtee , Swarn makshik bhasma .

As we compared to other competitors they consist of components which increases the level of heat in the body and which may lead to high blood pressure creating harm and damage to the body but the components which are included in vizex are Natural and Safe which helps in developing stamina while controlling the blood pressure by and last for a long period of time in same way it also helps in increasing the sperm count for a long period of time. Those components also help in making body fit and healthy and improve the immunity level of the body.


Stamina is the ability of a person to maintain a pace for long time. Stamina comprises of endurance and economy. Endurance is the ability to cover a distance or persist for a time. Endurance has nothing to do with effort. Instead, endurance is purely the ability to -continue without resting – for a given distance or a given period of time. Stamina describes a person’s ability to sustain physically and mentally. Having a low stamina generally causes a person to feel tired even after little exertion, and they might experience an overall lack of energy and focus, such as we being tired while running, increased body pains, feeling of breathlessness.


Promote spermatogenesis
Increases your sperm count
Sparks your vigor, vitality and stamina
Nervine and aphrodisiac
Anti oxidant and free radical scavenger
Nervine tonic, helps to calm stress

Stamina can meant for many things, but when it comes to sex, it usually refers to for how long time you can last in bed.
For males, the average time in between the sheets is anywhere from two to five minutes, but for females, it is bit longer: about 20 minutes before reaching the peak.
If you feel unsatisfied with how quickly you do the deed, there are a number of things that you can try to boost your stamina and improve your overall sexual performance, which is for both males and females.

Vizex capsules are the solution as it helps in regaining stamina as well as keeps you healthy as includes as ayurvedic herbs without causing any side effects. Also Vizex helps to increase stamina in a less period of time . It is recommended that you can take 1 vizex capsule in morning before your meal and 1 at night before having sex with warm milk. In less time you will find effective results.

Sperm count:-

Sperm count can be very much important if the couple is trying to conceive a baby. An abnormal sperm count or less sperm count may also indicate an underlying health conditions. A normal sperm count ranges from 15 million sperm to more than 200 million sperm per milliliter (ml) of semen. Anything less than 15 million sperm per milliliter, or 39 million sperm per ejaculate, is considered low. A low sperm count is often referred to as oligospermia. Low sperm count, have two common causes: slow sperm motility, which makes harder for sperm to swim to the egg, and an abnormal morphology. Any one combination of these can be identified in many cases, although there is not always a specific reason that can be pinpointed.

Vizex which consist of ayurvedic components which helps to boosts the sperm count. Vizex helps in increasing the sperm count in less time in a healthy manner with no side effects. It is recommended that take 1 capsule in the morning and one at night before meal with cold milk of fruit juice and can achieve good results.

Daily energy:-
The sexual drive can stay high late in life, but often your energy for sex can be diminished. Low energy level not only affects your sex life, but can also carry over to other parts of your life, too. You can become apathetic, no longer find pleasure in favorite activities, and become more sedentary. You’re lost sexual vim and vigor is often related to some kind of physical, emotional, or relationship issues.

Vizex capsules are the solution as it helps in regaining stamina as well as keep you healthy as includes as ayurvedic herbs without causing any side effects. Also Vizex helps to increase stamina in a less period of time. It is recommended that you can take 1 vizex capsule in morning before your meal and 1 at night before having sex with warm milk. In less time you will find effective results.

Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) is useful in spermatorrhoea, loss of strength, lack of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, and seminal debility when semen is of low quality. It is a great aphrodisiac.

Kauch (Mucuna pruriens) contains L-Dopa a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. L-Dopa converts into dopamine, an important brain chemical involved in mood, sexuality and movement. Fertility and sexual enhancement is due to better mental focus, concentration and mood. It improves libido, sexual thoughts, erectile dysfunction, orgasm, climaxes, sensation and lubrication for both the sexes.

Gokhru (Tribulus terrestris) influences testosterone levels, nervous disorders, sexual dysfunction. It may work by relaxing smooth muscles and increasing blood flow into the corpus cavernosum. It is due to the increasing NO from the endothelium and nerve endings.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) is a good health restorative, senile debility, invigorate the system.

Shilajit is useful in debilitating conditions, convalescent patient, infertility, circulation and cardiac asthenia, increases RBC, improves general nutritional status.

Akarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum) is a tonic to the nervous system gives with highly repute in impotence and a stimulant.

Salam Punja (Eulophia campestris) gives both sexes extra sexual desire heightens the body’s own ability to enjoy enhanced sexual energy and promotes greater sexual appetite.

Safed mushli (Asparagus adscendens) restores male & female vitality and energy. Improves overall health of nervous system and genitals, increase sperm production, energize the sexual glands, rejuvenates the flow of hormones and improve testosterone.

Talamkhana (Hygrophila spinosa) improves strength of the nervous system. It is a good aphrodisiac. It provides strength to the body, correct erectile dysfunction.

Kuchla (Strychnos nux-vomica) are central nervous stimulant these are sovereign remedy of seminal debility, stimulant and aphrodisiac.

Vanslochan (Bambusa arundinacea) is variously regarded as an antipyretic, antispasmodic, antiparalytic, restorative and aphrodisiac.

Keshar (Crocus sativus) is used for asthma, cough, whooping cough, and to loosen phlegm (as an expectorant). It is also used for sleep problems (insomnia), cancer, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), intestinal gas (flatulence), depression, Alzheimer’s disease, fright, shock, spitting up blood (hemoptysis), pain, heartburn, and dry skin. Men use it to prevent early orgasm (premature ejaculation) and infertility.

Makardhawaj is nervine and aphrodisiac tonic. It increases strength, beauty, and sexual power. It is used in general and nervine debility, brain fatigue, spermatorrhoea, impotence and pre mature old age.

Vang bhasma is useful in spermatorrhoea. It is highly useful in genito urinary system. It improves health, strengthens the organs and nourishes the whole body.

Moti pishtee improves eye sight, digestion and provide strength.

Swarnmakshik bhasma is extremely beneficial in anemia, hypertension, insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic gastritis, heartburn, jaundice, mouth ulcer, vomiting, nausea, peptic ulcer, leucorrhoea, ulcerative colitis, membranous dysmenorrhea, vertigo, burning micturition, piles, low grade fever and various skin diseases.



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